Jungle Bird abides by a code of ethics.

JB dragged.jpg

Known as a ‘streaker with a cause‘ Jungle Bird will:

  • Respect law enforcement and security personnel at all times.
  • Never interrupt any sporting event, while in active play.
  • Be sober during all protests. (While alcohol might calm the nerves, it can spoil the experience for everyone involved).
  • Never say anything offensive.
  • Never protest at any church or place of religious importance.
  • Keep his clothes on.

A Jungle Bird protest takes 9 seconds and consists of three bird calls.

Followed by the following statement:

  1. STOP Deforestation!

If the above protest is not possible, then the Jungle Bird has been known to score a touch-down and take a penalty kick or score a home run.

police / security

Please note, if you spot the Jungle Bird with is hat on during a sporting event, then he is stood down and is not planning to strike.