Who is JB?

Jungle Bird (JB) is a fictional character who having witnessed his home destroyed by illegal logging, has embarked on a light hearted campaign strategy, to bring the issues of deforestation, reforestation and climate change centre stage.

Described as a ‘streaker with a cause’ JB’s shenanigans have appeared on CNN / CBSJimmy Kimmel, Jay Leno, Conan O’Brien and the BBC’s Russell Howard, JB’s exploits and his call to stop deforestation have received global attention.

A regular contributor to the Huffington Post, JB casts the spotlight on the issues, people and companies working hard to protect and regenerate our planets precious rain-forests.

Top tips to help STOP deforestation.

1/ Don’t chop down trees.
2/ Read digital books.
3/ Insist on paper and wood from FSC approved sources.
4/ Share books.
5/ Plant trees.

Jungle Bird Foundation Inc is a Californian based non-profit.